Diverse, like minded comunity offering mutual support and knowledge sharing

Diverse, like minded comunity offering mutual support and knowledge sharing

SPROUND is a community of individuals that aspire to grow together, and we’re here to help make that happen. We’ll be hosting meetups by startup CEOs, venture capitalists, and industry professionals both on-site and online. Our aim is to kickstart a free-flow of knowledge so that our startups can gain access to a treasure trove of information on topics relevant to accelerating business growth.



2021 (4)

2022 (5)

2024 (3)



  • Exclusive to early-stage startups

    You aim to develop innovative, new business models and markets in a short time frame

    You have something to benefit from, and contribute to, the community

    You are moving in as a company. Individuals or teams in the pre-company phase or use as satellite offices are subject to negotiation

  • Small team with 1 - 20 employees

    All members must be fulll-time members. Spot membership options avaiable for part time employees, interns, etc.

  • Has a business plan to exit SPROUND (=team of 20 people or more) within 2 years
  • Understands and relates to SPROUND’s philosophy, and is keen to take active part


Saki Sato

Saki graduated from the University of Tsukuba Graduate School. She worked at Toshiba Corporation as an IT researcher in especially involved in UI/UX specification and prototype development in the manufacturing fields. After adopting an in-house acceleration program, she engaged new business development for Building DX. After becoming independent, she has been supporting new business development for companies. She is also raising two children.

Yuko Maruyama

Worked at Nintendo, Nihon Loreal KK and joined Recruit (No.1 IT Media company in Japan) in 2015. Now belongs to new business development Dept., leading a team of in-house accelerator program. Has experiences of Asian marketing, promotions, community manager. Interested in building "community".

Ren Suzuki

Ren graduated from Musashino Art University with a major in media planning and joined an advertising startup where he was tasked with operating their creator network business and agency business. After, he relocated to Germany to pursue his dream of becoming an orthopedic shoemaker, where he trained for 3 and a half years, achieving a national qualification. He returned from his 6 years in Germany to Tokyo in 2021.


Hibiki is a student at Kyoto University of the Arts, majoring in spatial design. He is in charge of creating communication opportunities, corporate branding, planning, and more. He believes in the potential of communities and is working to increase the number of happy individuals.

Mana Kato

Mana is a third year student at Keio University, Faculty of Commerce, majoring in Business Administration and Innovation field of study. During her first and second years of university, she focused on activities in international exchange clubs. She became interested in startups through university lectures and the influence of a friend who is a student entrepreneur. Currently, while working part-time at Starbucks, she joined SPROUND as an internship in March 2024.